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Berryfield Farms U-Pick Blueberry Centerburg, Ohio

blueberry picking at berryfield farm ceterburg ohIs there any better way to start than day than picking fat, sweet blueberries on a lovely farm? Lil, my in-laws, and myself spent the morning doing just that at Berryfield Farms yesterday. Located near Centerburg, Ohio, a 40 minute drive from our Clintonville home, Berryfield is an authentic, non-agritainment farm. Among the farm's rolling hills lie three acres of well-established blueberry bushes. Ripe Bluecrop and Blueray fruits loaded the branches. A third variety, Elliott, will be ready to pick soon.

blueberry fruits

With ample space between rows, heavily fruited bushes, and bird songs, picking was pleasant and easy. Berryfield provides bag-lined buckets that hold a little more than five pounds when full. In a leisurely hour and a half, Lil and I were able to pick twelve pounds.

bird netting over blueberry bushes

Berryfield Farms uses netting to deter the biggest pest to blueberries: bird theft. They do not use chemicals and support a thriving community of pollinating insects, diverse ground cover, and wildlife.

red shack at berryfield farms

Speaking of pollinators, beehives on the property provide honey available in the darling shack filled with vintage furniture where guests check in and out. A few farm-produced items like birdhouses are also for sale. The grandsons of the owners provide herbal iced tea and real juice lemonade with ice for $1 per cup, welcome thirst quenchers after hot picking.

For the 2012 season, berries cost $2.85/pound payable by cash or check. They are sold pre-picked for $6/pint at the Sunbury Farmers' Market Saturday mornings.

berry weighing stand vintage piesafe

The farm is open from 8 am - 12 pm Monday through Friday, Saturdays 8 am - 5 pm and Sundays 10 am - 4 pm. If mother nature cooperates, the growers expect berries to last another four weeks this year, or until approximately the fourth week of July.

petting dog at blueberry farmIf you go:

    • Heed their instructions to wear hats, stay hydrated, walk around the irrigation hoses, ignore the bees, and have fun.
    • Bring cash or a check as credit cards are not accepted.
    • Go early to enjoy picking before the heat of the day.
    • Be prepared to be charmed by the sweet farm dogs.

Berryfield Farms 6424 Township Road 199 Centerburg, Ohio 43011 740-625-7278

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