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Doo Dah 2012 {Wordless Wednesday}

mother daughter fourth of july manicure face paint

doo dah parade columbus

don't frack ohio

aep ohio parody float

peace out

With our power restored as of Tuesday night, we were chilled enough to head out to the 29th annual Doo Dah parade, our favorite way to celebrate the Fourth. Doo Dah has few rules, lots of crazy participants, and represents the free spirit of Columbus.

Favorite shots: 1. mother/daughter patriotic manicures 2. face painting while we wait for the parade 3. crazy costumes 4. don't frack Ohio condom costume worn by the creative and hard-working Jennie Scheinbach  5. American Powerless Electric 6. peace out (totally un-posed, this is my hippie child)

Happy Independence Day!