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Markets, Contests, Chickens, and Bees {Friday Five}

kids with mustaches1. Starting next Wednesday, the Clintonville Farmers' Market will host Slow Down Wednesdays from 4:30 - 7:30 pm. Shop some of your favorite market vendors plus a few new faces during the evening. 2. The Food Experiment is coming to Columbus on July 15. Amateur chefs will compete under the theme 'Smoke'. A $10 ticket gains you entry to taste samples, vote on your favorite, and drink a Brooklyn Beer.

3. Speaking of competitions, did you know that state fair blue ribbons aren't just for kids? The Ohio State Fair give adults a chance to win cash prizes in addition to bragging rights in many cooking and baking competitions. Contests require pre-registration by July 11 so browse the link and sign up soon.

4. City Folk's Farm Shop is hosting an inaugural Chicken Support Group for central Ohio backyard chicken keepers. Experienced chicken-raisers, newbies, and those thinking about rearing fowl in the backyard are welcome Sunday July 22 at 7 pm.

5. I leave you with this funky educational video produced by Burt's Bees and Wild For Bees. Watch the wildly costumed actress teach about bee life and why we need to protect them.