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Playing with Fresh Ginger in Ohio? {Friday Five}

fresh ginger in OhioEarlier this week, my friend Joseph, the farmer behind Swainway Urban Farm, gave me samples of his latest product. It's ginger. Fresh, pink Hawaiian ginger, planted early last spring and harvested now.

I went through my standard methods to try a new fruit or vegetable. I ate some raw and it didn't pucker my lips like grocery store ginger does. I cooked some gently and came away with tender slices, none of the stringy dry texture of the sat-on-the-shelf-too-long roots. Even the stems are tasty to chew on. In short, I played with an entirely new ginger.

candied ginger

Specifically, here are five ways I enjoy fresh Ohio ginger:

1) Candied in honey water - I simmered slices in a light honey syrup and then dried them. These will be perfect sore throat lozenges in the winter.

2) Ginger syrup - Don't waste what's left in the pot when the ginger slices are removed! I mixed the honey ginger syrup with rye whiskey and apple cider vinegar and served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed martini glass for a gingersnap cocktail. Yum!

3) Tops as decor - Ginger greens are spiky, adding interest to an arrangement or on their own.

4) Infused in vodka - you knew I would, right? Ginger flavor infuses in a mere three to four days.

5) Atop soba - This ginger is so fresh that it was a pleasant biting condiment to an umami-rich noodle soup. The amazing orange egg is from Cota farms!

soba noodle soup with fresh ginger

You can pick up some of Joseph's fresh ginger (it's organic too!) from the Swainway booth at the Clintonville Farmer's Market tomorrow and every Saturday until the supply runs out. Or, come see the ginger in its 'natural habitat' at the Movie night & Terra Madre fundraiser at Swainway Urban Farm this Saturday, September 22 at 6:30 pm. I'll be there!