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Dear Lil,baby lil You are seven years old today!

When you transformed us from a couple to a 'little family', we had no idea what that would mean. We know now that the length of your labor and delivery (36 hours!) is nothing in comparison to the abundance we feel with you in our lives.

Your curiousity gives us the excuse to explore the world through new eyes. Your energy makes us wrestle, run, hike, and tickle. Your questions cause us to search for answers in ourselves.

We love to watch you grow even though we frequently tell you to "stop growing". You answer "that's scarcasm!", revealing your maturing sense of humor.

lil and her dog hawiseThis year you taught yourself to read and opened your world to Garfield, chapter books, and street signs. We experience no greater pleasure than turning out your light after you fall asleep with a book in hand.

Life isn't always easy in a household with three first-borns. We all have big ideas and seek perfection. We are learning to listen to each other and make mistakes.

You are patient with all of the adults in your life - your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great grandparents. When we bore you with our "talk, talk, talk" you amuse yourself with dog friends Hawise, Devie, Molly, and Ani. You are loved by your big family and many pets.

We look forward to moving into your third home, travelling, and helping you find the kitten of your dreams in the coming year. We know you will surprise us with your own plans too.

Happy Birthday Lil!


Mama and Papa