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Thirty Two Things

Today I am thirty two years old. Thirty two feels good - I am no longer searching for a purpose like when I turned a thirty, nor feeling like I need to have a birthday week. Today has been a simple lovely day with my family picking apples. Taking a hint from Adam Lehman, I am dreaming about what will happen in my thirty third year. I hope to do these things:

1. Write in my homestead journal again 2. Sew something for myself 3. Visit the Athens Farmers' Market 4. Donate thirty two pieces of clothing 5. Make something with all the wine corks I've collected 6. Ditto with the canning jar rings 7. ...and lids 8. Stop collecting random bits of home goods without an intended project 9. Choose beauty over function more often 10. Refresh my Internet image with head shots that aren't five years old 11. Make sure I'm in family pictures, hat tip Kate 12. Make a piece of furniture 13. Kill an animal for meat 14. Tan a hide 15. Go to the dentist 16. Grow and dye with indigo 17. Publish some of the essays I've written and kept under wraps because I fear they are too preachy 18. Put the controversial essay in my head onto virtual paper 19. Hang a bat house 20. Use the chainsaw 21. Learn to make a proper lemon twist 22. Make soap 23. Frame my Igloo Letterpress poster and Joachim Knill polaroid 24. Buy a new bed - ours is awful but I don't know what kind to buy 25. Give my hens a new coop 26. Build a tree house with Lil and Alex 27. Consider becoming a net-zero energy homestead 28. Consolidate email addresses 29. Find a better way to organize and share photographs 30. Learn and use Photoshop 31. Eat more vegetables, always 32. MOVE (I hope to share some news about this soon!)