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Calves, Cows, and Cheese {Silent Sunday}

calf drinking milk from bottle holstein licking nose

cows feeding

dog licking milk at richman farm

andreas milking parlor

pearl valley cheese curds in stirring machine

pearl valley swiss cheese stacks

I learned 1001 things about milk, cows, and cheese on the Ohio Dairy Adventure, many of which I will share in future posts. To get you in the mood, peruse these photos from my dairy and cheese tours: 1) bottle feeding a one-week-old calf 2) several-weeks old Holstein calf licking nose 3) Holstein, Jersey, and Brown Swiss cows eating 4) dog considering benefits of drinking milk off floor versus risk of being kicked by a hoof 5) 20x20 milking parlor where each white tube is the milk flowing from a cow 6) cheese curds stirred by a machine 7) 1500 pound stacks of Pearl Valley swiss cheese in aging room

The American Dairy Association Mideast provided meals, accommodations, transportation and access to farms during the Ohio Dairy Adventure. They did not allow me to bring home a calf. My opinions are my own.