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Ohio National Poultry Show 2012

ohio poultry national show You may not be able to see, but Lil is bouncing up and down in this picture. The reason? The Ohio National Poultry Show.ohio poultry national awards

The show runs this Saturday and Sunday at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus. Judges will award ribbons and trophies for perfectly conforming birds in all categories for both adults and youth on Saturday.

poultry for sale

The rows of cages contain feather-headed chickens, fancy ducks, Buckeye chickens*, poultry for sale (expensive, show-quality birds), and dinosaurs. 

fancy chickensamerican buckeye poultry club

Really, who can deny that this chicken looks like a dinosaur?!

dinosaur chicken

Amid cockrel cries and duck calls, a limited number of vendors offer books, equipment and information. Owners are more than willing to share about their animals. Several breed groups also have tables with information about their varieties.

Backyard chicken keepers, those curious about poultry, and photographers will enjoy the Poultry Show.

The Ohio National Poultry Show - website and show schedule (beware the colorful text, unaligned pictures, and lack of organization) Saturday November 10, 2012 & Sunday November 11, 2012 George Voinovich Livestock Building on Ohio Fairgrounds (near 11th and I-71, enter from 17th) $5 admission

*Slow Food Columbus and the fine chef at Knead are offering a 'beak to tail' harvest dinner featuring the Buckeye chicken breed on Monday. Buy tickets ASAP as they are very limited.