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Crafty Holidays and #STEMchat Thursday!

Our house is like Santa's toy shop with handmade projects day in and day out this month. muffin tin advent calendardetail of paper covered muffin tin advent calendar

On December 1, Lil ran downstairs and opened the first day of this cute muffin tin advent calendar my mother made. Mom saw the idea in a magazine and found scrapbooking paper with the numbers already written and adhered them with rubber cement to top the tins. Inside each is a little gift that Lil can't wait to open each morning.

making handrolled beeswax candles

I invited friends over to see our new house and make hand-rolled beeswax candles, one of my favorite activities of the holiday season. I order wax from Knorr Beeswax; this year they even went out of their way to rush my order.

gingerbread house decorating

Lil decorated a gingerbread house using cake pieces made by my pastry chef sister Heather, recipe on Facebook tonight. I view gingerbread decorating as a 'process not product' activity - we will eat it rather than display, not that the pets would leave a display in tact!

felt sewn star ornaments

Lil and I designed, sewed, and lettered new stockings for our food-motivated animals. My favorite craft has been these felt star ornaments for gifts. I printed a template from AllSortsMakery, reduced and copied for the inner star, and embroidered Lil's heart illustration. She stitched the smaller heart to the outer, stuffed the inside, and we shared stitches around the outside. I love that we made this together and hope I can talk her into creating one more for us to keep.


I'll be talking (typing?) DIY tomorrow night at 9 pm EST on Twitter with Kim Moldofsky, the Maker Mom. She runs the monthly #STEMchat, a time to tweet about creating, hacking, and making. This month, the chat is about Hack-y Holidays - exploratory gifts, making open-ended presents, and gifts that keep on giving.

Kim asked me to share this about the sponsor, littleBits:

"littleBits, invented by a woman, are (cute!) little electronic modules for prototyping and play. The bits snap together with magnets, so you can't mess up with them. These colorful bits take crafting projects to a new level allowing people with little or no electronics knowledge to add lights, sensors or other bells and whistles to their projects. Ayah Bdeir set out to put the tools of engineers into the hands of artists and she's succeeding. Seriously cool stuff, people.

littleBits is hosting a creative holiday challenge. It's kind of like Design Squad for adults- dream up a creative project incorporating littleBits, sketch it out and submit the sketch to win. How easy is that? "

What are you crafting and making for the holidays? If you're a twitterer, I hope you'll join the #MaketheHolidays #STEMchat conversation tomorrow night.