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Y'all Come to Home Ec. Comfort Food April 15

home ec april 2013 announcement What does 'comfort food' mean to you? Is it the sweet starchy goodness of Daddy's biscuits or the warm soothing flavor of Granny's green beans? Perhaps a drink with friends?

Join the club of hungry folk known as Home Ec. Off Campus - Columbus to discover comfort food in many forms this month. We'll gather at Rehab Tavern on Monday April 15 at 8 pm.

The 'rules' for Home Ec events are simple:

  • bring a home-made dish that fits the theme as you interpret it
  • pack a plate and silverware to help us reach our no-waste goal. One Columbus Home Ec'er brings a Japanese bento box with integrated chopsticks, perfect!
  • have fun! These events aren't about competition, they're about sharing good food with friendly people.

If you aren't in the Home Ec homebase of Toronto or spinoff site Columbus, join the fun online by tagging social media posts #wphomeec on April 15.

What's your favorite comfort food?