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Where We Be

You don't need to be a careful observer to figure out that we aren't sitting around inside blogging these days. Photographs are few and far between these days, hence a gratuitous picture of chicks to illustrate this post. We're incredibly, happily busy in and out of the house. bantam chickens

Here's where we are:

In The Garden - As often as we can, we're outside playing on the natural playground, tending the hoop house, caring for chickens, and building and filling new garden beds. We come inside happily exhausted and start over the next day.

Working - Rachel is spending one afternoon a week at City Folk's Farm Shop. She loves talking to people about gardening and helping out friend Shawn and Gerry who own the store. Rachel is also putting in hours at the Ohio 4-H International office this summer while they are in between staff.

Despite the threat of furlough, Alex is leading up a new program with his job and working more than usual. The good news for our bank account is that he will only be furloughed up to eleven days now.

Bringing Food to the People - Rachel also sells mushrooms, microgreens, seedlings, and specialty vegetables for Swainway Urban Farm at Clintonville or Worthington markets on Saturday mornings. She'll help out for the Clintonville Wednesday evening market when that starts in early June too. And Alex is now serving on the Clintonville Farmers' Market board, so he spends time meeting, running errands, and completing projects.

Teaching - We have a full line-up of classes with City Folk's, Franklin Park Conservatory, Local Matters, and the newly-opened Seasoned Farmhouse. Come join one of our summer workshops!

Grow Your Own: Chickens 101 - 5/21 Seeds! Swap and Save - 6/2 Solve Gardening Problems Naturally —6/11 Pressure Canning—6/23 Pickles—6/25  Preserving Basics—7/11  Makin’ Bacon—7/14  Planning Your Fall Garden-8/1  Cooking with Herbs—8/18  BBQ Basics—8/25 

After August, our lives will return to a slower pace again. In the meantime, stop by a farmers' market or class to chat about what's up on the homestead!