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Garden Pests Everywhere! {Wordless Wednesday}

aphids on tomato leaf flea beetle on potatoesholes on cabbage leaf

cabbage moth caterpillarbeet leaf miner

predation by chickens

chickens eating caterpillars

Can you ID them all? 1. aphids on tomato leaf 2. flea beetle on potatoes 3. unidentified holes on cabbage leaves 4. cabbage moth caterpillar 5. beet leaf miner 6. chickens eyeing bean leaves 7. chickens turning cabbage moth caterpillar into eggs

We are trying to be zen-like in our thoughts and actions toward the early and widespread garden pests. We are plucking perpetrators and feeding them to the chickens and sometimes we're treating with natural pesticides. But we don't have the time or inclination to treat everything. Perhaps this year will be one in which we build up populations of natural predators. Ideally, the diversity of our plantings will ensure that something will survive; we'll save those seeds to breed local pest-resistance after we're done eating what we can, bug-holed or not.