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Dirt Gym

child using wheelbarrow Do you struggle to find time and motivation to exercise? Are you looking for the latest greatest fitness craze?

Let me introduce you to Dirt Gym. Located on every small farm in the country, including the Harmonious Homestead, you can tone your muscles and chill your mind while growing food.

Searching for six pack abs? Let me introduce you to the amazing effects of hoeing weeds among rows of corn and sweeping the weed whacker between fruit trees in the orchard. Digging drainage ditches builds obliques.

When it rains, have a mud run, no registration fee required! After dark, bring your head lamp for jaunts chasing after the escaped cat or nocturnal predators.

exercise by log splitting Want ripping arm muscles? Join Alex at the wood pile to chop your way to defined biceps. Haul the split wood from chopping block to storage pile for some aerobics to balance your exercise.

Fill, push, and unload the wheelbarrow for basic cardio. Squat, stoop for a weed and jump up again in the patented 'Weedie' exercise move. Count the number of bags of feed or bales of straw you can load and unload in a single session - and document your PR on Instagram with our complimentary WiFi!

We have no juice bar, but gym rats can refuel on greens and herbs year-round by plucking them out of the beds. Showers and towels aren't provided either but we have 125 feet of hose. Tan with the original ancient process known as working under the sun.

Dirt Gym costs nothing and is open every day of the year - all ages welcome!