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Snow Rollers!

snow rollers columbus ohio

The weather has been brutal in central Ohio this winter. Snow, wind, frigid temperatures, more snow, and more frigid temperatures keep us rushing in from outdoor chores and not spending any extra time outside. Or so it was until Monday morning when we looked outside and saw what appeared to be snowballs littering our lawn.

snow roll with leaf center

Further inspection revealed that each rosette snow roll was preceded by a wispy trail like that of an airplane in the sky. Some seemed perched atop wind-carved pedestals reminiscent of sandstone formations in the desert South West.

snow roller on pedestal Meteorologists say these very rare formations occur when an inch of wet snow tops a layer of icy snow. High winds push the wet snow into natural snowballs, also called snow donuts, snow logs, or snow bales.

snow roller girl

With a gentle touch, we can scoop up the snow rollers. They're more delicate than a well-packed snowball but made a lovely snow roller girl.

picking up snow rollergirl holding snow roller throwing snow roller

Thank you, winter, for a new way to play in the snow!