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Lessons in Demolition

2014-04-04 09.25.06 1) Demolition is fun for the first swing. Then you will get tired. Lil effectively removed zero material but has been a trooper about entertaining herself while we work.

2) You will need a sawsall. We had two going at once a few times.

2014-04-04 09.45.53

3) You will struggle with certain tasks until you find a way that works. Eventually Alex figured out a wedge method to remove three ceramic tiles and backing at once, which made that layer of tear out go much more quickly.

2014-04-04 16.09.56

4) All the demolition will create dust and debris. Everywhere. You will sneeze, sweep, dust, and sneeze some more.

5) You will find surprises. Like this soffit under a soffit. And the person who used square headed screws every two inches in the tile underlayment. And the person who was really excited about the stapler and added spiral nails to the sub floor just for good measure. Curses all! 2014-04-04 16.58.37 closely spaced flooring screws nails through a subfloor

6) Eventually you will come to a stripped down, patched, empty room that represents serious satisfaction. 2014-04-05 17.49.04


Next up is adjusting electrical, plumbing, and gas. Then new lights, flooring, cabinets, and appliances. The hardest labor is over!