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Ten Days...Still Incomplete DIY Kitchen

ikea kitchen in progress Distractions like mushrooms, transplants, work and baby chicks aside, our DIY kitchen still isn't completely functional. So much for the ambitious schedule.

But we have been working day in and out. The IKEA cabinet delivery was a disaster but we're working with them to make it right.

ikea cabinet delivery

We do have double ovens, sink, dishwasher, a vent hood, and many cabinets installed. The newly installed bamboo floor puts our house-original oaks to shame. I painted, some walls twice, and still am not convinced that 'Homey Cream' is the right color.

installing ikea cabinetsshiny kitchen appliances

The cook top comes in Thursday, if all goes as promised. Zinc sheeting is flattening in the basement and ready for building the counter tops.

cat in ikea hardware cat and child in an ikea box

The poor pets and child are ready for the noise and disruption to be finished. So are Alex and I. We're hosting Easter dinner on Sunday for twelve, so I guess it's time to get back to work!