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Finished Enough #DIYKitchen

DIY kitchen in progressOn Easter Sunday, sixteen days after tearing out the old kitchen, we hosted our first dinner in the new kitchen. The physical and emotional exhaustion of working morning to night for weeks washed away in the company of the people we love most. The counters might still be in progress, cabinets still empty, and trim still in the garage, but we can cook!

DIY kitchen

As our friend Krash, who helped with the kitchen, said, "this is your best kitchen yet." He apparently doesn't believe us when we say we're not doing this again.

Updates soon on Kenmore Pro appliances (after they're fully serviced, ahem), IKEA delivery disaster and generous response, zinc counters, and a mid-construction trip to the delightful Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum.

DIY kitchen no counters

In the meantime, this afternoon I'll be at Wilmington College speaking on a panel as part of the Food Symposium. I'd love for you to join me - it's free!