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All The Details #diykitchen

finished ikea cabinet sectiondrawer pulls on ikea ramsjo The flooring, appliances, and cabinets are all set in our DIY kitchen project so now we're left with the little, annoying, time consuming details. I focused, measured, and drilled the fourscore drawer and door pulls so now the doors are functional. Alex has two of five zinc-covered counter tops installed. I replaced outlets and switches so they all matched in color and replaced all the switch plate covers. Together we cursed our way through installing a light fixture with too many moving parts over the island.

zinc countertop corner (2)

What's left? Cover panels for the sides of cabinets, toe kicks under cabinets, those three pieces of counter top, a couple more light fixtures, and all the accessories like shelves, magnetic knife bar, and artwork. I suppose I should finish painting some day too.

installing light fixture in #diykitchen

We are distracted by so many other more appealing tasks like working outside in the garden and cooking in our shiny new kitchen. But we'll work through the details soon and post reviews about the major elements in the kitchen.