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2014 Spring Garden Update {Wordless Wednesday}

bee on celosia bee on grape leaf chickens in pasture yard chicken yard garden beds fig tree branch garlic plants harmonious gardens swainway potato leaves row of tomatoes strawberry plants with flowers

1. Bee on grape leaf 2. Bee on celosia flower 3. Chickens in their new dual pasture yard 4. Old chicken yard garden beds in progress 5. Fig finally springing back to life 6. Rows of garlic plants 7. Harmonious Gardens managed by Swainway Urban Farm 8. Potato leaves 9. Row of tomatoes and pollinator food, aka weeds 10. Strawberries

The spring garden is growing! Our annual produce garden is 75% planted, the front yard organic farm rows are in progress, and the egg-laying chickens are finally in a pastured system (more on that another time). What's going on in your garden?