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Wild Estes Park Colorado {Silent Sunday}

climbing in estes park face paint at farmers market farmers market sign

child picking up hailestes park wildflowers

rocky mountain national park snow

kite flying estes parklego figures in miniature cactus

rocky mountain national park elk

estes park farmers market

spirit hound distillery lyons co pinball gameroom lyons co

stream walking estes park co

wild parsley and bees


1) Bouldering in an Estes Park City Park  2) Face painting at Highland Farmers Market in Denver 3) Market sign at Highland Farmers Market 4) Lil collecting hail in one of three hail storms 5) Wildflowers in Estes Park (We later learned that the pink thistle is invasive.) 6) Alex throwing a snowball in Rocky Mountain National Park  7) Kite flying 8) Scene from our miniature movie inspired by the tiny wild succulent and cactus garden. 9) Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park 10) Stunning view walking into Estes Park Farmers Market 11) Spirit Hound Distillers menu 12) Lyon's Pinball arcade 13) Stream walking at Rocky Mountain National Park 14) Wild parsnip and pollinators at  Rocky Mountain National Park

There's a story behind each of these images - which do you want to read?