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A New Woodshed

puppy with new woodshed

After hobbling through one winter with a tarp-covered pile of not-quite-aged-enough wood, we're doing it right this year. In a couple afternoons, Alex built a small woodshed. We're filling it with logs that were taken down over a year ago on the left and standing-dead ash on the right.

simple woodshed with pallet sides

Alex designed the woodshed as a lean-to with a reclaimed pallet floor and wall sections and a corrugated steel roof. We'll add pallets to the back if needed but for now want to allow the greatest air flow possible.

We chose steel for the roof because it is more durable and reusable than plastic sheeting or asphalt shingles and we wanted some experience with it for when we might need to replace our house roof. Steel roofing also has the distinction of being able to support itself with minimal joists which reduced our supply cost.

The woodshed is freestanding on cement blocks. We didn't want to dig a foundation and if our past is any indication we might want to move the structure in a couple years.

woodshed with muralOur homestead seems more homesteady with a real woodshed - stacked wood is like money in the bank, after all. Because the shed is adjacent to Sarah Hout's amazing mural, I know that gathering logs for winter wood stove heating will be more pleasant this year.

hawk on woodshedcat climbing on woodshed (2)

Already, we're not the only ones enjoying the new woodshed. We caught a hawk spying on a chittering chipmunk and Ms. Moonshine the cat regularly patrols for creatures.

How are you preparing for winter?