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Homestead Happenings #1: Seeds, Trees, & Braces

I advise homesteaders to keep a journal. It's a great practice because a record of daily homesteading activities is fun and useful to look back on. But I find myself not in the routine of writing daily now. "Do as I say, not as I do," I suppose.

murmuration sunset

I thought I'd try something different instead, for you and for me. I plan to share a weekly wrap-up of our major homesteading activities. Then I'll have something to refer to in the future and perhaps you'll be inspired to take on similiar chores, projects, and events.

I'm not going to share regular activities like cooking meals, taking care of animals, and general gardening. I want to list the big things - canning days, gardening projects, irregular chores, and links - with pictures taken this week. If I can keep this up, it should build a good library of resources for fellow homesteaders and an online journal for me.

Here's what I was up to this week:


How was your week? Do you think a weekly list of happenings on Harmonious Homestead is useful or over-sharing?