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Printing & the Hand-Made Ethic #MoveOurIgloo

I have a new tradition. On Sunday mornings instead of giving to a church plate, I give to a Kickstarter project. Not every Sunday, and not always Kickstarter, but over the last few years I've shifted from charitable giving to funding small businesses. Why this is would be an interesting post in itself, but I don't have time for those mental gymnastics today. I want to tell you about who I'm backing this Sunday. #moveourigloo

Igloo Letterpress is a small print shop in downtown Worthington. I first met the owner Allison when she taught a workshop at Wild Goose Creative about book making. I have made hundreds of her simple folded paper books for Lil over the years. When I need a special card or want to feel connected to a different time, I head to Igloo.

The presses in Allison's shop are historical pieces that allow her and a small staff to continue the letterpress tradition of setting type by hand. Their products, cards, posters, and books, all elevate the act of letter writing, record-keeping, and promotion.

setting type on letterpress printer

In this digital world, I find myself drawn to giving and receiving hand-written notes. All the better if the paper used has already passed through hands that carefully cut, fold, and imprint.

demonstrating letter press machine #moveourigloo

Igloo Letterpress has always been an open and welcoming place to learn and experiment with letterpress. Lil and I have attended walk-in printing activities and on Thursday Allison, Beth, and other staff allowed a group of bloggers including myself to print a set of notecards and make hand-bound books. They're great teachers and clearly passionate about the hand-made ethic of printing, even in tight quarters as it was with so many people and machines at the event I attended this week.

rachel tayse printing letterpress #moveourigloo

Today I pledged to Igloo's Kickstarter campaign to outfit a teaching space in their new location. This will be where groups can comfortably learn to carry on the tradition of letterpress. It's where Beth can say yes to Scout troops and friend groups who want to gather and share in a hand-made experience. The new studio will include a new (to Igloo) press dedicated to educational and community work. If you can, contribute to the #MoveOurIgloo - there are great rewards!