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2017 Highlights: Seasoning the Northside Melting Pot

In late spring last year, the Mid Ohio Foodbank released the opportunity to apply for an Urban Agriculture Grant. I led an application through Foraged & Sown with a coalition of other North Columbus growers. 

Our proposal was funded in June and we spent the summer installing hoop house and wildlife protection upgrades and learning to use a walk-behind tractor while hosting a series of pop-up farm stands to deliver produce to our neighborhood. 

The whirlwind project was completed by the end of September. We learned much about our farms, the community, and our potential to marry the two through urban agriculture. The infographic at right describes the impact of the project.

Though Seasoning the Northside added some extra work to the 2017 growing season, I'm proud of the outcomes the partner farms achieved together. I am grateful to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and look forward to using the hoop house and tractor in future years.

Seasoning the Northside Final Report.png