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Meal Plan - February 15, 2010

Mindful MenusMardi Gras!  Olympics on TV!  No conferences!  Stomach bug is outta the house! More snow falling! This week we are looking forward to relaxing, cooking well and enjoying each other's company.

Monday - valentine's breakfast for dinner - pink waffles, strawberries, and eggs Lil and I had a nasty stomach bug yesterday, so we're celebrating Valentine's today

Tuesday - King Cake, dinner and a show with my Mom

Wednesday - Pulled pork, roasted root vegetables, citrus salad with my parents and sister

Thursday - Taco salad with friends

Friday - Bob Evans blogger event, homemade pizza

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - pork shoulder roast with Alex's parents

You read it correctly, I'm going to a blogger event at Bob Evans in Westerville.  While I personally advocate for cooking at home most of the time, Bob Evans is a local restaurant chain and I'm curious to see how local they really are.  They have given me the opportunity to invite a blog reader to join me.  If you are interested and available Friday from 2 - 4 pm (childcare available), please leave a comment below.  I will use random.org to choose my companion from the comments at 9 am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.