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Meal Plan September 27, 2010

The weather turned cool quickly and this means our menus will change as well. We're including more oven baked and stewed foods because those are warming on a cold night. Our dishes aim to make best use of seasonal vegetables which are changing, too, from tangy tomatoes to sweet winter squash. This week and next we are responsible for bringing snack to Lil's classroom. The school requests nutritious nut-free food and we obviously want kids to enjoy it too. My plan is to bring two of the following eight snacks each day: carrot sticks, apple slices, grapes, cheddar squares, pretzels, corn chips, graham crackers, rice crackers.

Monday - lentil barley soup with garden vegetables, cornbread Tuesday - poutine, garden green beans Wednesday - fish en papillote, stuffed acorn squash Thursday - spaghetti with garden fresh sauce, make key lime pie and chocolate brownies for 'plan my life' team Friday - something with green tomatoes - any ideas?? Saturday - dinner in Cincinnati or on the road Sunday - family dinner

You'll note that on Tuesday we are practicing for Canadian Thanksgiving by making poutine. We'll make our own french fries for the first time, use cheese curds from Blue Jacket Dairy, and reduce sauce from Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook roti de porc au lait for gravy. Expect a report back soon!