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November Reflections

I did it! I posed every day in November as part of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. It was a challenge indeed, especially through our bourbon country vacation and Thanksgivings when I otherwise would have skipped posting for a few days.

I had no writer's block and felt no lack of topics to prevent me from writing every day all year.

I posted 33% more often than normal, writing 30 days of posts versus 20 days as the average of last three months. Google analytics tells me that HoundsInTheKitchen.com enjoyed 20% more page views in November than the average of the last three months. This increase could be due to seasonality in addition to posting frequency, as food blog traffic often increases during the holidays.

Reading through the posts of the month, though, there were quite a few that lacked the quality I strive for. I simply ran out of time some days to include photographs or proper editing. With practice, I think I could build up these skills to write better, faster.

I am curious what regular readers thought of the more frequent posting. Did you like seeing something from me every day or did it clog up your rss reader or facebook?