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Not a Meal Plan January 31, 2011

icicles at glacier ridge metroparkTowards the end of last week the antibiotic bugs had beaten down the tonsillitis bugs enough that I had just enough energy to participate in the family again. I even felt well enough to visit Glacier Ridge Metropark yesterday where the icicle picture was taken. I did not have the endurance to steel myself against Alex's departure for a business trip in California this morning. Yesterday afternoon was a roller coaster of emotions as I suggested Alex check for frequent flyer tickets for Lil and I. They were available. We considered our family budget, my health, the hotels and locations. Alex was generally against us tagging along and I was for anything to get me out of this house and the Ohio winter.

But we dithered too long and reasonably timed tickets were gone by dinnertime. I cried. I looked at the weather forecast for Columbus for the next week and cried some more.

By 9 pm Lil spiked a 102 degree fever, so the travel temptation was for naught. I didn't cry about her being sick because she is generally a sweet and easy patient.

I know that I can handle Alex being away. I am well practiced at the temporary single parent thing and have family and friends aplenty. I am simply unprepared this time.

So there's no meal plan. There are no plans at all. We will cook what we have and go where we need to go and collect eggs and build fires and plan a trip for somewhere warm soon.