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Happy Handmade Wedding

Alex's brother Ben married Kim this weekend. It was a happy handmade affair featuring: homebrewed wedding beerhome-brewed beer by Alex,

handmade lavendar flower girl dressa home-sewn flower girl dress for Lil by Grandma Cindy (Thanks Mom!!),

handmade wedding cake taysetee cakeshome-cooked food by Kim's brother-in-law and a Taysetee cake by my sister Heather,

handmade origami bouquetorigami flowers folded by the bride and groom for centerpieces and bouquets,

origami crane display for weddingand, the piece de resistance, one thousand gently folded paper cranes arranged as a background for the ceremony.

Ben and Kim, congratulations! May your marriage reflect the patience, love, and beauty of your handmade wedding details.