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Meal Plan September 19, 2011

Ingredients and Inspiration:

  • We are trying to return to a normal routine after several weeks with lots of events.
  • Our garden is winding down with only a few tomatoes and peppers left.
  • I unearthed some old homemade chorizo in the freezer that needs to be used.
  • Lil's birthday is this weekend!

Monday - chorizo mulitas, curtido

Tuesday - from-the-garden Johnny Marzetti (food blogger roundup on this Columbus classic coming Wednesday), steamed garden green beans

Wednesday - broccoli and purple potato frittata

Thursday - Tuscan kale and bean soup

Friday - pool and pizza birthday party for Lil's friend

Saturday - Lil's birthday dinner at Sushi Ting. I asked what she wanted and predictably she answered "salmon sashimi".

Sunday - Lil's 6th birthday! Party with Taysetee Pastry cake, followed by barbecue dinner at my parents'.