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To San Salvador We Go!

rachel bahamas 2002By the time you read this, we'll be flying to San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. San Sal or Watling's Island is a 36 square mile karst island in the Caribbean. It is a relatively remote place. Other than an exclusive Club Med resort, there are very few tourist spots beyond the miles of beach.

I went to San Salvador Island on a research trip with the Earth Sciences department at the Ohio State University in 2002. We snorkelled, hiked, and observed nature. I hope that this return visit will be as relaxing and beautiful.

We are a little nervous about finding good food. There are only a few restaurants and little information about grocery stores. Alex bought a (six foot long, barbed) fish spear to try his hand at catching some of the local seafood. I will, of course, document what he catches (or how he hurts himself) and what we cook so that others who might plan a vacation have more info than I did.

As Internet connectively will likely be lax, I've set up a vacation from my writing for you in the form of a totally new voice. My dad Mitch has compose a three part story that will hopefully entertain you. They will definitely illuminate the roots of my passion for writing and serial DIY projects.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you in early March!