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Easter Egg Books: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue {Book Hounds}

Lil reading Kiki easter egg book Our family doesn't celebrate the religious holiday but boy do we love Easter eggs, egg decorating and egg hunts. Lil and I like to prepare for holidays by reading legends and picture books. The four Easter books we found at our local library weave egg stories in a delightful way that would brighten any child's Easter basket.

The oldest Easter egg book we discovered this year was The Easter Rabbit's Parade by Lois Lenski. An Ohio writer who lived from 1893-1974, Lenski wrote lengthy, straight forward stories tied to a specific time and place. The Easter Rabbit's Parade tells of the farm animals kept by a young girl named Eliza. The livestock work together to make an Easter celebration for Eliza including eggs laid by Little Brown Hen and painted by Easter Rabbit and family.

Something new is the picture book Kiki. Author Christoph Schuler and illustrator Rahel Nicole Eisenring give life to a chick who is wise beyond her day-old age. Kiki observes that fighting hens are allowing thieves to steal their eggs. They will not stop arguing, so Kiki comes up with a clever solution to save and better the eggs.

For borrowed, Lil picked up Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter. I'm not sure how author Grace Maccarone and illustrator David McPhail got away with using the beloved character Peter Rabbit, but their book is charming. Peter characteristically makes a bad decision to steal eggs but ends up returning them, painted in bright and beautiful colors.

The odd blue-green cover of The Egg Tree caught my eye on the library shelf. A Caldecott Medal winner, Katherine Milhous' story sheds light on the Pennsylvania Dutch egg tree tradition illustrated with authentic drawing motifs and colors. A lengthy tale, The Egg Tree might inspire a new way to display decorated eggs at our house.

Do you have any favorite Easter egg books? Share in the comments!

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