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Warm Love / Hot Love

Valentine's Day 2013 was all about the temps. girl laying on wool duvet

I gave Alex a practical yet luxurious warm gift - a 100% wool duvet from Jorgensen Farms. Truly a gift for both of us, we expect the duvet to be warm yet breathable, hypo-allergenic, and easy to clean by hanging in the sun this summer. We're excited to have a piece of Val's beautiful Organic farm in our grown-up bedroom. You can have one too - buy through her online store or at the Worthington Farmers' Market.

Alex expressed his feelings with fire. He created a flaming heart on the driveway, captured on video while I was out of the house. The resultant singe on the driveway will likely last for months.

driveway heart singe

And we all shared warm sour cherry pie for late afternoon tea. This is our third annual Valentine's tea, a tradition I love for the simplicity and ritual.

valentine pie fiesta

What temperature was your Valentine's Day?