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Scenes from Pre-Thanksgiving

tom turkey  

brining turkeyturkey stock

rolling rolls

looking at doughfinished rolls

sharpening knife with dogmaking cocktailsthanksgiving menu

finished turkey


1. live turkey from a local farmer, the only way I could source a heritage breed a week before the normal turkey day 2. brining the turkey 3. jiggly gelatinous turkey foot stock 4. rolling homemade yeast rolls 5. Lil calculating dough ball weight 6. baked rolls 7. knife sharpening observed by a springer spaniel 8. making cocktails 9. Lil and her Thanksgiving menus 10. the roasted bird

We're traveling to Saint Louis later this week to meet a new nephew so we had an early Thanksgiving meal with other family this weekend. Everything was made from scratch, many ingredients were locally sourced, and we enjoyed great company alongside the food.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?