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5 Places To Find Last Minute Gifts AT HOME

homemade twig christmas tree We're giving entirely handmade gifts this year, with the exception of a couple things on Lil's list that can't be made from scratch. (Pokemon cards don't trade well if mom makes them.) Some of our gifts have been in the making for several months and they'll be accessorized with items we will make from things we already have. Here are some of the places we've shopped in our own home for gifts and gift making supplies this year:

1) The Pantry - This is an obvious one. If you put up jam, sauce, or stock, chances are there are people on your list who would love them. I decorate my jars with paper or cloth tops and package up sets of jams or sauces. I like to group jars with a baked accessory like a loaf of crusty bread with marinara or homemade tortillas with homemade salsa.

2) The Garage - We're savaging the garage for wood scraps to make a few gifts this year. We've made gift crates from fence boards and Alex pieced together a wooden step stool for Lil from scrap lumber when she was younger. I can't share what we're making from scrap lumber this year but I will soon!

3) The Kitchen - Another obvious one. Your kitchen likely has the ingredients for flavored sugar and salt, cranberry liqueur, and homemade bitters. With a special trip to the grocery, you can get ingredients to make edible gifts for anyone on your list - there are lots of good recipes in this list of 40 homemade gifts from The Kitchn.

4) The Craft Room - Maybe your craft room is different, but mine is chock-full of fabric, roving, yarn, embroidery floss and more. Craft a simple pair of earrings, scarf, fabric scrap table runner or coasters, or set of magnets for a quick handmade gift.

5) Outside - We use natural materials for all sorts of crafts. Lil and I collected perfectly large and stemmed acorn caps earlier in the fall which we filled with felted faces for ornaments to include in wrapping. Earlier this season we made candle holders from scrap lumber and crafted a cat-and-puppy-proof twig tree to display our collection of miniature ornaments.

Here's to a happy holiday season for you and yours! What are you making by hand this year?