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The Flavor of Christmas

Tastes and smells are a necessary component to memory.  Foods bring us back to a place and time, defining everyday and holiday experiences.

At Christmas time, the formal Christmas Eve dinner is that memory maker for me. The last two years we have hosted a meal for friends and family at our house, as we will again this year. The menu varies slightly each year but typically follows an old English style. Dishes are always made from scratch. This year our menu is:

Stuffed whole goose (raised at 2silos farm) Roasted sweet and white potatoes Steamed green beans Mushroom pie Green salad Cranberry sauce Mini yorkshire puddings Cranberry champagne cocktails

My sister, the pastry school attendee, will be bringing the dessert.  She just finished a chocolate class.

What tastes do you associate with Christmas?  What are you making this year?