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This Is Wrong

apple juice concentrate from china is wrong What's is wrong with this apple juice?  Let's count the ways:

1) The concentrate came from China, where labor and environmental standards leave much to be desired.

2) The concentrate was labeled to 'possibly contain' juice from three other countries.

3) The concentrate was shipped thousands of miles to Texas where it was re-constituted.

4) Somewhere along the way, vitamin C and preservatives were added.

5) The juice was individually packaged in plastic and aluminum.

and the worst part?

6) All the effort was made for this apple juice to be served to children on a family fun farm in Ohio in the height of apple season.

A better snack?

A clean Ohio apple!  They are very prevalent close to the farm, full of vitamins without adding them, come pre-packaged, and show off the true farming heritage of our fair state.