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A Homespun Pomegranate Party

The Invitation:a dairy-free family party featuring pomegranates in made by hand decor and menu items

pomegranate decor five year old setting table pomegranate table setting

Click on pictures to enlarge for more detail and visit the Flickr set for outtakes.

The Decor:

fresh pomegranate holders for hand rolled beeswax candles

hand cut pomegranate paper place mats

Stevens family silver, set by Lillian

The Lesson: Lillian, age five, tells how to open a pomegranate

Lil showed her aunts how to open a pom too, with some interference from the big hound Devie.  Watch those videos on our youtube channel.

squirrel rillette with pomegranate cranberry compote tatsoi pomegranate salad plating pomegranate pork sauce pomegranate pork roast over polenta rustic pomegranate apple pie pomegranate sunset cocktail

The Meal: home-hunted squirrel rillette, pomegranate cranberry compote and danish goat cheese on homemade bread points

citrus marinated local tatsoi salad with pomegranate arils

pomegranate glazed Red’s pork shoulder over pan fried polenta squares

rustic Ohio apple pomegranate pie

The Drinks: harvest sunset (tequila, nectarine pomegranate juice, homemade grenadine)

pomegranate mulled wine

homemade pomegranate cordial

family enjoying dinner

The Take Aways: Fresh California pomegranate season is October through January. Use the fresh arils during the winter to brighten up winter meals.

Choose pomegranates based on weight, as heavier poms have more juicy arils.

Pomegranate arils are packed with healthy benefits including polyphenol antioxidants, iron, and fiber.

Store pomegranates at room temperature for up to one month or in the refrigerator for up to two months.  Because poms can be stored at room temperature, they are useful as a unique edible decorations on a table-scape.

Excess fresh pomegranate arils can be frozen or made into delicious pomegranate cider if you happen to have a cider press.

Hand made dishes featuring pomegranates are a seasonal treat best enjoyed with family and homespun beauty.

Disclosure: POM Wonderful provided pomegranates, juice, apron, and POM logo materials for myself and my guests.  POM is awarding prizes to ten party hosts.  All non-pomegranate ingredients were purchased by me and all recipes are my own.