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Cider Pressing

rachel tayse home produced cider Our cider press has seen lots of action since we acquired it a month ago. Here is what it produced so far:

October 26 - 1 liter pear cider

November 6 - 1.5 gallons winesap cider, 1 gallon gold rush cider + lots of tastes consumed at our Cider Pressing Party

November 21 - 5.75 gallons winesap cider, 1/2 gallon pomegranate cider

We still have seven bags of winesap apples, some gold rush apples if we aren't able to keep them fresh, and several odds and ends amounts from friends left to press.

Some of the juice, including the four gallons I'm hugging at left, is bubbling away in fermentation vessels to make hard apple cider. The pear cider matched with sierra nevada yeast produced a lovely sweet perry that we shared with family this weekend.

Some people get excited about the stock market or political news or the latest car. We are hot for home pressed cider and the resulting fermented products.