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Meal Plan February 21, 2011

The formidable Joan Dye Gussow finished the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) conference with a speech that included a personal history of the food movement and rabble rousing call to action. "We are well overdue in this country for a revolution!" she incited. I happen to agree though I am not the revolutionary type. I prefer to work at the ground level, tending my small plot of land, eating food from reliable sources, and making sustainability a priority in my life. Hopefully I can inspire others to make similar small changes that can rock the world though my workshops and writing.

Other words in Gussow's speech, about eating seasonally and what that looks like, spurned me to make changes this weekly Meal Plan. From now on, I will share with you some of the inspiration and ingredients that drive the meal plan.

It isn't just about putting food on the table, after all. Meal planning for local sustainable eating calls for using seasonal ingredients, eating from pantry stores, exciting the palate with new recipes and paying attention to the weather. I will try to share bits and pieces of those thins that influence our meals.

fresh tomatos on window sill

Inspiration and Ingredients:

  • President's Day Monday
  • Overabundance of pantry tomato sauces
  • Fresh sausage made at OEFFA workshop in the fridge
  • Snowville whipping cream in the house
  • Several aging oranges in the fruit bowl (We buy Florida citrus this time of year, as local as one can get for citrus)
  • Moderately cold weather with snow possible Tuesday, rain possible Thursday
  • One conference presentation, one cooking class, and one Broadway show at week's end

Meal Plan:

Monday - I'll make hoecakes for breakfast, the preferred meal of George Washington and other early presidents. Thomas Jefferson is reported to be one of the first to grow an embrace the growing of the tomato, a fruit many other gardeners considered toxic. In his honor on President's day, we will have tomato bisque and muffins or biscuits.

Tuesday - Toad in the hole using homemade sausage, cranberry orange sauce

Wednesday - Lentil chili and cornbread for family with a side of chorizo for the charcuterie fans

Thursday - Roast chicken and root vegetables for friends

Friday - Chicken and bean burritos with rice

Saturday - Speaking at Beyond Social 101, spaghetti and tomato sauce before Madagascar Live! (Only 12 hours left to enter my contest for four tickets!)

Sunday - Teaching Family Style Soups at Franklin Park Conservatory, Alex will make something for family dinner hosted here

PS. If you missed my interview with Joan Dye Gussow, you might want to click the link. She reveals a trick to longevity and fascinating information about growing sweet potatoes.