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Holiday Books & Videos {Friday Five}

holiday book favoritesThe homestead is bustling like an elf shop these days with gift wrapping, cooking, hosting gatherings and attending others. We like to read holiday books and watch videos during the down time to get excited for the big day coming. Here are five we like this year: 1) Hanukkah at Valley Forge by Stephen Krensky is based on the true story of George Washington learning about the holiday from a Jewish soldier in the Revolutionary war. I like the retelling of the Hanukkah story in this book as well as the connection to a historical character Lil already knows. Beautifully painted illustrations by Greg Harlin complete the book.

2) Every year during Hanukkah we listen to Matisyaku's Miracle. The youtube video linked is full of fun but funky imagery and the tune is remarkably catchy.

3) Did you know that The Killers produce a holiday song and video each year? 2011's The Cowboy' Christmas Ball is our favorite with a music video full of wild west characters.

4) Olive the Other Reindeer is a remake of the classic Rudolph tale by Vivian Walsh. The story of a dog finding her place in the world is illustrated by J. Otto Seibold's computer-created cartoons. When I can stomach Drew Barrymore's voice, we also enjoy the 45 minute video version.

5) The Muppet Family Christmas is a perennial favorite of our family. The 40 minute movie includes Muppet characters from Kermit to Fraggles to Sesame Street in a story about friendship. At various points in the show, they sing holiday carols and original Muppet songs.

What are your favorites?