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Dirt, Brunch, Turkeys, Flowers, Jars & Calphalon?

I'm busy working on the new house with no time to pretty up this list of events I want you to know about. Imagine pictures and a real introduction here: Dirt! the Movie Event is coming to Wild Goose Creative this Sunday. My friend Kellie Gedert is organizing a panel of local soil-lovers, root vegetable food competition, and art show, followed by a screening of the documentary Dirt! Buy a $10 ticket now for the evening of November 4.

Brunch! I'm co-hosting a brunch on November 18 at Brother's Drake Meadery with Allison Lehman and Stephanie Hayward. We're gathering a group of local Internet friends who want to hang out in real life. If you fit the bill, Let's Do Brunch!

Turkeys! Now is the time to order your Thanksgiving bird. This year, for the first time, The Hills Market is offering an Ark of Taste heritage breed, the Red Bourbon from Tea Hills Organic Farms. I can't wait to discover what the Red Bourbon brings to the feast. You also might be interested in Cota Farms smoked or fresh pastured turkeys or Ray Ray's Hog Pit smoked birds with all the fixings.

Flowers! Add some locally-grown joy to your decor this harvest season with a bouquet from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm. They are offering three styles of arrangements for pick up at the farm, City Folk's Farm Shop, or Mix: Home.

Jars! Instead of consuming, try creating on Black Friday, November 23. Head over to City Folk's Farm Shop from 11 am - 2 pm to join me in making Gifts in Jars: custom cocoa mix, foam bath, or flavored salt in pretty Weck jars with a variety of labels. Each jar will cost $6 and take only 10-15 minutes to make.

Calphalon! The folks at Calphalon shared that they are hosting a warehouse sale at Northland Plaza this weekend and next. The location is dangerously close to my new house and they promise premium cookeware at very low prices.