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All the Little Projects

wheeling mailbox and cart We jumped right into making our new house a home by checking off some little projects that needed to be done:

  • removed carpet downstairs to reduce my allergies to dogs and dust mites
  • installed a tie-out for the dogs until fencing can be completed
  • hung bird feeders to begin to understand who lives here
  • planted tulip bulbs, Lil's first part of her flower garden
  • installed a mailbox and post because the old ones were knocked over before we moved in
  • put together a cart to hold the mailbox and post and tools
  • assembled Twitter-found bed frame and stainless kitchen work table
  • re-installed smoke detectors (there were none!)

There are many more little and big projects to come:

  • Find the box with my socks - seriously, I've been washing and wearing the same three pairs for over a week
  • Fence a dog yard
  • Replace leaky kitchen faucet and maybe the sink while we're at it
  • Replace incandescent lightbulbs all over the place
  • Paint and furnish Lil's room per her specifications, a bribe we gave her to get through the moving stress
  • Replace dated hardware and fixtures
  • Finish removing carpet tack trips and staples, oh goodness hundreds of staples
  • Plant cuttings I took from plants at the old house
  • Plant orchard so trees can get established before the spring
  • Locate and begin a compost bin
  • Make kitchen more workable with shelving, maybe new cooktop?
  • Tons of tree work
  • Which will inevitably lead to installing a wood stove

Tomorrow I'll post something non-house related and a recipe post is coming soon.

What little (and big) projects are happening in your world?