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Moonshine With Mitten Paws

moonshine kitten Meet Moonshine, our new kitten!

mitten paws kitten

Moonshine's mama was dumped, pregnant, on a friend's farm. On August 6, our kitten was born with white mitten paws.

Lil suggested the name after reading the book Pumpkin Moonshine, an old story about Jack-o-lanterns. Who were we to refuse a name that references the ultimate DIY activity?

moonshine kitten with hounds

The hounds are confused by this furry creature who has captured our attention. They spent all day yesterday staring at her. Moonshine is very tolerant of their snarfling though she hisses and runs when the dogs get too close.

moonshine kitten with Lil

'Kitten' has topped Lil's gift wish lists for years. Moonshine is a promise fulfilled, a new addition as thrilling as a sip of illicit booze.