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Chicken Scratch {Friday Five}

chicken  reflecting in mirrorOur chicks are growing up! They want you to know about these happenings related to chickens in Columbus, Ohio:

1) Select Columbus chicken owners are opening their coop doors for self-guided tours this Sunday afternoon. Download the tour .pdf for details or stop by City Folk's Farm Shop to pick up a flyer.

2) City Folk's is also hosting heritage breed chick orders this spring. They take care of the delivery and quantity purchases so urban chicken keepers can build flocks of smaller numbers. Pre-order online or in the shop by March 15.

3) Sneak a peek at our yard and rock-star chicken Austra in a short 10TV news piece that aired last week, embedded below. A revised version of the Franklin County proposal to zone for chickens, rabbits, and ducks will be on their website soon.

No, you didn't miss anything - we don't have another child. The reporter mistakenly identified one of Lil's friends as a sibling.

4) The Dispatch printed a story 'Counting on Chickens' with quotes from me too.

5) Only slightly related because some restaurants might have chicken on the menu, we want to let you know about the 10th anniversary celebration going on at Dine Originals Columbus restaurants. From March 11 - 20, independent restaurants will host a variety of special menus and events at great prices for Dine Originals 10. Click through the link for a calendar, menu listing, and brochure.