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Columbus Urban Chicken Coop Tour

Over one hundred guests toured urban chicken coops around central Ohio today. Generous hosts provided information, chicken-themed snacks, and viewing of many breeds. The coops included creatively re-purposed materials and a variety of solutions to common problems like predators, small spaces, and the chickens' need to forage. As I dropped of shoe covers to prevent cross-contamination provided by City Folk's Farm Shop, I took these pictures to provide a virtual tour:

chicken welcome sign

Coop inside a garage with run outside and door in between.

garage chicken run inside of garage coop

Cupboard remade into a coop inside dog kennel.

cupboard repurposed as chicken coopchicken coop in dog run

Two ways of using Omlet coops, one winterized with straw bales, one winterized with plastic top.

egglu coop winterizedegglu coop

Children's climber re-purposed as a coop with decorative flowers.

decorated coop under climber

Shed attached to garage now used as a urban chicken coop with nest boxes inside.

chicken coop in shedinside of shed coop

Strings over run to deter flying predators.

yard with strings for chicken predator protection

What do you think of these urban coops?