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Early Spring Inside The Hoop House {Friday Five}

What's going on inside the hoop house we built? 1) Garden beds of Price Farm Organics soil from City Folks Farm Shop and peat moss over cardboard broken by walking paths of landscape cloth covered by mulch. Alas any gaps between the cardboard and cloth are already growing weeds... hardware cloth shelf in hoop house2) Seedlings hardening off on the hardware-cloth shelves. seedlings in hoop house3) Strawberry plants under the shelves where water drains down from seedlings. strawberries in hoop house4) Cold-tolerant food like kales, lettuces, and beets. greens in hoop house bed5) Friends and family hanging out. The hoop house is always warmer than the outside; on the days reaching 70 deg F recently, the hoop house sauna was positively steamy! japanese girls in hoop housesunset hoop house