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Meet Annabel

annabel schnoodle puppy Since Devie the coonhound died in December we've been missing a big dog. Our spring and summer were so busy with the kitchen, guests, travel, and farming that we knew we had to wait so that we'd have the time to devote to training a new dog. We said that after Labor Day weekend, we would start looking.

But when I searched through the adoptable pet listings after Labor Day, something didn't feel right. I didn't want pick a dog, I wanted a dog to pick me. So we told our family we were waiting for a good - a smart, low-allergenic, farm-dog-trainable - dog to come our way.

puppy carrying food bowlAnd not one week later my sister (who works for Capital Area Humane Society) alerted me to a giant schnauzer / standard poodle 9-week-old puppy surrendered by an owner who couldn't care for her. It's always hard to know whether the breed reported to a shelter will be true but this little girl, called Annabelle at the shelter, has the curly, no-shed hair of a poodle, muzzle of a schnauzer, and decently-large paws.

So we welcomed her home. We tried out a few other names, but none are sticking. I looked through the Baillieul family history for female names because Devorguilla and Hawise, our previous dogs, are from Alex's ancient family. And there was Annabel De Baliol, a noblewoman from Normandy alive from 1153-1204. We'll call her Annabel.

Hawise and the cats are keeping their distance but getting used to a new member of the pack. Annabel brings all the energy, napping, pottying, and cuteness of a puppy. She's also whip-smart, sitting at my feet and looking up as if to say "what's next?" frequently.

schnoodle puppy and cat

We've always adopted young adult dogs in the past so this is a new adventure for all of us. Undoubtedly we'll share lots of pictures and updates about her transformation into a homestead helper.

puppy annabel