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Alex's Buns

When I came home yesterday, Alex presented me with some fabulous buns. man harvesting oystes with heron tattoo

No, not those flat buns on my mud-footed, heron-tattooed, oyster-foraging husband.

homemade hamburger buns

These sandwich buns! My baker-man was inspired to make buns at home instead of purchasing them at the grocery store as part of our Pantry Month challenge. He cooked these up with this recipe, adjusting flour types to what we had on hand. They were surely cheaper than store bought and well textured with soft insides and a crispy crust.

pulled pork sandwich on homemade bun

Alex cooked up pulled pork from the freezer with his homemade barbecue sauce and made mayo to make coleslaw for some 'Beat the Razorbacks' pre-Sugar Bowl sandwiches.

My man has great buns and he knows how to use them.

Thanks to Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, for starting the trend of publishing pictures of men's behinds clad in jeans.