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I am surrounded by fantastic fathers. These inspiring, caring men enrich the lives of Lil and I:

child playing harmonica with grandfatherteaching a child to fishgrandfather granddaughter at wedding

l to r - Mitch, my dad; Mike, my uncle; Tom, Alex's dad, click to enlarge

My dad, Mitch, is patient and funny. He encouraged his four girls to be strong curious women, enduring the resulting loud and confusing dinner conversations. I clearly picked up Dad's love for the outdoors, good food and strong drink. Speaking of eats, allow me to add home cook extraordinaire Uncle Mike to this list. While not a biological father, Mike opens his heart and home my cousins and myself with as much generosity and kindness as a father would. He's a fun-loving man, always creating something, always ready for an adventure.

Tom, Alex's father, inspires me to think and question. He has been a father figure in my life as long as I can remember. I admire that he is a life long learner, fearless traveler, and hard-working artist. Most of all I thank Tom for his part in raising his son, my partner.

child and father birdwatchingBecause of the men I grew up with, I expected that Alex would be an engaged dad. He is. Alex includes Lil in his interests, patiently answers her questions about history and language, and is a great friend to her friends. He is a curious cook, keeping us in bread and sausage, and always pushing us to try new things.

I am painfully aware that many, if not most, women never experience such strong and loving fathers. I am thankful for Dad, Uncle Mike, Tom, and Alex every day, but especially this day. Happy Father's Day, y'all!